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We take honor and pride in providing clothing for todays children in transition. We created this website to help you help others in need. Together we can make a difference, one uniform at a time.

All the Essentials, How, When, and Where you need them.

Can't find something? Chat with us or reach out to genuineschooluniform@gmail.com

Delivering Uniforms to Schools around the U.S.

Join us in the pursuit of giving children the ability to grow and develop comfortably and respectfully. Please call 847-414-3414 to discuss how we can assist you with your needs.

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Dress to Accomplish

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Covid-19 School Guidlines

ELD will continue to assist those in need and has partnered up with various agencies to expand our outreach to those with urgent needs during these trying times . Please find all the latest guidance for Schools Below.

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Back 2 School

Back 2 School is right around the corner. Ask us how we may be of assistance, use the Chat Icon, on the bottom right of your screen or reach out to genuineschooluniform@gmail.com .         

For those who are just starting out, or for those who would like to freshen up on back to school procedures, please click on the link below.

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ELD will soon be launching on social media to help keep you informed of all the newest and latest items we will be offering, as well as a blog, tips for those dealing with students in transition, and More!! Keep checking in to see when we are going to launch!!

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