The Importance of School Uniforms

What Are the Advantages of School Uniforms?
  1. School Uniforms help reduce peer pressure – Students are given a list of acceptable clothing, some lists are more robust than others. This helps to reduce peer pressure as this limits fashion styles that might or might not be acceptable as well as brand haughtiness.
  2. School Uniforms help create equality, especially if purchasing new clothing from ELD Apparel, between socioeconomic classes. It is more difficult to differentiate between the “haves” and the “have nots” if the uniform colors are maintained.
  3. School Uniforms cost less, especially from ELD Apparel, than traditional clothing especially when purchasing fashion forward clothing. 
  4. School Uniforms can help create an environment of discipline. Schools that insist that students follow the dress code are in fact helping the kids to learn self-discipline, in other words there are consequences to not following the prescribed dress code.
  5. School Uniforms allow students to get ready easier and quicker for school. It may take students less time to get ready for school each morning. Oftentimes it takes young adults 20 – 30 minutes to select their clothing, Uniforms eliminate the hesitation and thought processes that go into selecting what to wear.
  6. School Uniforms can serve as a first line of protection against intruders. The last two school shootings occurred when students, dressed in black clothing, attacked their own school.
  7. School Uniforms can increase school attendance. A study in Cleveland shows that school districts that adopted a uniform policy saw a 3.5% increase in attendance and an 11% increase in graduating seniors. 
  8. School Uniforms can stop gangs or cliques from forming. Oftentimes gangs distinguish themselves by wearing colors, the school uniform helps mitigate that issue. In addition, ELD Apparel offers non-hooded sweatshirts, a way to stay warm without putting a hood on. 
  9. School Uniforms can create a sense of school pride and togetherness.

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