Who We Are

ELD Apparel was started by two friends from different business backgrounds, however, they have the same goal; supplying quality products to students in transition at prices that are affordable. Elliot (Left) is the great grandson of a well-respected businessman who was the product of an orphanage. His Grandfather expressed the need to take care of the youngest and most vulnerable, a lesson that Elliot takes to heart. Ezra (Right) is the grandson of a successful businessman who was interested in the plight of the American Indians. His Grandfather, a blood brother named Walking Buffalo, made tremendous donations to the Assiniboine Tribes.

Together, Elliot and Ezra, take their business very seriously and realize the impact that it has on the most vulnerable of our society. The company’s tagline, “Dressing The Leaders Of Tomorrow”, is not just a slogan but rather a belief in the individual student, regardless of background. We know that kids often just need to know that someone believes in them and that will help them believe in themselves. We are often reminded about Judge J.K. Stout, a music teacher who later became the first African American to become a judge in Philadelphia. She was a very tough judge, especially on those that willfully dropped out of school. However, she recognized the individual who showed remorse and a resolve to do better. One such incident was with a gang member who was given a more lenient sentence, he later became her law clerk and went on to establish a large law firm.

ELD Apparels philosophy can be summed up in the words of Mollie Marti - "Helping others in need is not only a responsibility of life; it is what gives meaning to life".

ELD Apparel will continue to be your source of relevant information during good times and challenging times. We are expanding into other areas and we would really appreciate your feedback and suggestions. If you are unable to find what you need, or if you have ideas on what we should add to our growing selection, please feel free to reach out and let us know, we are more than happy to accommodate your requests.