Getting Back In The Groove

For many of us returning after a vacation, a summer break or even a couple of days of rest and relaxation, it is often hard to get back into the swing of things. It's important to approach your work considerately and to prioritize, rather than diving right in and overwhelming yourself. Just because your vacation is over doesn't mean your chill privilege has been revoked.

Here are a few steps to return to work in a productive way.

1. One Day at a Time: Plan a day to sift through emails, review that calendar, and understand what it is you need to get done and when, before you jump into doing it “all at once”.

2. Lists: When juggling a lot of tasks — especially with catching up — things will fall through the cracks, and lists keep you on target to get those things done. One thing on the list should be to change the “Out of office” setting on your email.

3. Clean Up: Clear away any mess you come across that could get in your way or leave you feeling out of sorts as you are trying to get it all together. By physically cleaning up your office, you will not only feel a sense of psychological relief, but you'll be able to think more clearly and produce better results.

4. Mentally Prepare: Knowing what you have coming up and staying on top of your routine will not only make you feel more at ease, but it will make it easier to return to the things you need to do. Being mentally prepared for what is ahead, approaching those tasks won't be as stressful.

5. Reward Yourself: Power through the week by rewarding yourself with a trip over the weekend, or planning something fun with your friends one night. Perhaps something as simple as treating yourself to your favorite beverage at the local café during your coffee break.


We are cheering for you and we appreciate you, hopefully you have found these suggestions helpful. When all else fails, visit our Blog page and watch the jellyfish at the Monterey Bay Aquarium, it both mesmerizing and relaxing.

Wishing all the best as you start the new school year.

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