Coping with Loneliness - A Positive Perspective

We are all experiencing the Corona Virus, Together we are going through this. Often it feels that we are going through this alone, we are not. This disease has affected everyone, within 6 degrees of separation. Some of us have experienced this firsthand, death of parents, siblings and acquaintances. However, there is a way of coping and getting through this, but we must change our mindset.

The first thing to do is to acknowledge your fears, your anxieties, and your concerns. Be honest with your feelings, do not try to suppress these feelings as they will only come out later. Once you can verbally admit how you are feeling, you can then begin to heal and deal with loneliness. It’s an ironic thought ,but we are together in your loneliness, we are all doing this together.

Here are some ideas that will work:

1. Keep to a schedule – Maintaining a schedule helps you to be in control of your day. Make sure to schedule time for you to do something you truly enjoy, a certain book, movie, even a midday nap. You are still in control and the more control you wield the better you will feel.
2. Pick up your phone - Call a friend, a sibling, or a coworker … we are all experiencing this together. Everyone desires connection – reach out and talk with someone.
3. Stay active (or become active) – When you exercise your body releases chemicals called endorphins. These endorphins interact with the receptors in your brain that reduce your perception of pain. Endorphins also trigger a positive feeling in the body, like that of morphine.
4. Do something meaningful - Think about the little things in life that you are thankful for; waking up in the morning, the ability to breathe, knowing that your heart is beating … people that can be self-aware are able to relax easier and truly be appreciative. This takes time to develop but it is worth the effort.
5. Focus on the needs and feelings of others – People that are able to assist others, in any small way, are able to remove the focus from themselves. This refocusing helps to combat loneliness as well as feelings of depression.
6. Stay informed - Limit your media consumption to an extent. Watching too much news, reading too many articles, and consuming too much content can be overwhelming. You might decide to check the news twice a day. Or you might decide to limit your time on social media if everyone is talking about the virus. Make sure you seek sites that give factual information about what you can do to stay healthy, such as the CDC and WHO.

ELD Apparel is here to assist in anyway possible, these are just a few ideas that we practice and find that work for us. If you have other ideas, we would love to hear them. Drop us an email and we will get back in touch with you.

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